Sunday, 24 July 2011

T-Towel Art

T-Towel Art

It's so cold & wet outside, that I'm dying inside.
I have soooo many crafty ideas that I want to finish, start & post.
The kids are driving me nuts bored. 
So I've been trying to have some crafty fun.
This morning we achieved this.

Daddy Moz calls me a "Craftzilla" & may I add, yes, I was on this one.
The hand prints had to me perfect!!!!

I did mention that the kids had some Craft Fun, well they still did, I let them do some finger painting afterwards.

I'm probably not going to use it,(Keep Safe Box) but I still positioned each child's painting up the opposite end, so that when it hangs over the oven it's up the right way on both.

We did make one for the Grandparents last Christmas. 
They love gifts like this.


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