Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hazelwood = No More Eczema!!

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My little man gets very bad Eczema.
Mainly in the summer time, due to dry skin.
It only first appeared late last year, just before Christmas time.
He only got it on his face, arm & bottom.
This is what it looked like...

I tried everything that was suggested to me from others, but the only thing that really got rid of it was the Sigmacort cream from the chemist. 
I really hated using this cream. 
It's really harsh on the skin.
And I felt like once it cleared away, I had to continue to use it or it would appear again.

Zac's skin was dry & looking so bad.
People would ask me if he was "sick" - they thought he had the chicken pox.

Then I saw some before and after photos of kids wearing Hazelwood bracelets.
The transformation in the photos looked good so I ordered a necklace.

After 2 weeks of him wearing it, it had disappeared.
I couldn't believe it.
I still moisture his body after a bath every night. 
And we use non soap products on him.
He has been wearing the necklace for 6 months now, so it's time for a new one.

I bought the necklace online from all about amber for $30.
You are recommended to change every 6 months & wear all the time, even in the shower.

 The next photo has not been edited all.

What a HUGH difference!!! 



  1. Wow! Do they make those necklaces for adults too? Or did you buy the beads and bead it yourself? I always get really bad eczema in the wintertime.

  2. Hi Ashley, Yes, the make it it any size. You pick the same & matching beads. So worth the money. Or bracelets as well.
    I have seen bead yourself ones, but I'm sure they have them a bead shops.
    Give it a try.

  3. This sounds like a great product! I may try it with my son. He doesn't have ezcema, but he has skin issues from having dry skin.
    You also might try not bathing your son everyday. That can really dry out his skin too.