Friday, 26 August 2011

Night Time Nappy = Dry!

Zac is now 3 1/2 & he has been toilet trained for over a year.
Expect over night. 

He was good for a week, then would have a full nappy for a few days.

I know that over time it will stop, but I made a chart to keep him on track.

Almost every time we go to the shop, I buy him something (my fault). 
But with this new chart I told him he needed to complete all the stickers on it & then he could get a special toy.

Well it worked.

With only a handful of times of him not receiving a sticker.

 Every morning he would run in & tell me that it was dry.
He was so happy to put a sticker on everyday.

 This is what he got!

We also did a chart for eating all his dinner. It's working too & only a few more nights to complete it!


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