Thursday, 13 October 2011

Cheat Sheet for Manual Shooting

I recently did a one day photography course on 
learning how to shoot in manual mode. 
I was so shocked that after 2 hours, everyone in the room switched off auto & began the journey into manual mode.

After I left the course, I needed a cheat sheet, 
 photographing 2 toddlers is hard enough on auto.

I found two already set up here 

I didn't really want to hold it so I did this.

Printed & laminated it.

 Hole pushed the corner

 Attached to my camera strap

I had it there for about 2 months.



  1. The links went to a pic on Pinterest that wouldn't show. And it was just linked to itself there. I would looove to have a little cheat sheet like that to help me use my manual settings confidently! :) Please help!