Sunday, 31 July 2011

Felt Flower Ball

Polyfoam Ball - 100mm
Felt - Maybe 10/15 sheets
Dressmaking Pins
Circle to trace
Ribbon (optional)

Step 1.
Start by cutting out circles approx 5 cm, You can do what ever you like, but I would suggest that you try to use all of the felt sheet.

I didn't count how many I cut out. But it is a lot. I used about 15 sheets of felt. ( Lucky they were on sale)

Step 2:
Fold in half

Step 3:
Fold it over again

Should look like this

Step 4: 
Put the pin through the bottom on the peak.

 Step 5:
 Then pin onto the ball

Should look like this

Step 6: 
Keep on going around the ball. Pin in different directions.

Then you should have a pretty ball.

You can attach a ribbon to the top to hang the ball from a mantle piece.

Multi coloured would look cute too.

I use mine as a centre piece on the dinner table.

Have Fun

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Felt Owls


I found these cute little owls from a project sheet given to me from riot stores, a craft shop in Melbourne.
I am unsure of where they found the idea, however I have had a couple of email stating it may have been from Kangaroopals.


Felt sheets - Assorted colours (At least 4)
Craft Glue
Polyfoam Ball 100mm
Googly Eyes

Step 1:

Using a knife, cut off the bottom section of the poly foam ball.
This will help to keep the ball from rolling.

Step 2: 

Cut out oval shapes with pointed ends using 2 different felt colours.           They will be the feathers for the owl.                                                          I cut approx. 14 cream for the belly & about 32 purple, but it really does depends on how big they are & how much you overlap them.

Step 3:

Cut out 4 circles for the eyes. Two big, Two small. 
These will create the owl's eyes.

Step 4:

Cut out 2 Oval shapes from the brown for the ears.

Cut out 1 small triangle for the nose.

Cut out 1 big triangle for the head.

You should have everything cut out now.

Step 5:

Using the cream felt, start from the bottom & work your way around and then up, other lapping as much as you like.
Stop when you think the belly is big enough. Go up 3/4 of the way.

Step 6:

Do the same with the purple.

Step 7 :

Glue the Nose & the Yellow eyes in place, making sure the Nose is underneath the eyes.

Step 8:

Place the Big Triangle cut out on top of the owl 's head. 
If there are any poly foam not covered (like in my picture.) 
Move the feathers around to cover- hopefully the glue hasn't dried yet.
Remove the triangle - do not glue on yet.

Step 9:  

With the 2 Brown oval felt bits, squeeze the ends together and glue. 
Leave to dry, use something to hold it together.

Step 10:

Glue ears in place.

Step 11: 

Glue Triangle on.

Glue Google eyes on.

And here it is: HOOT HOOT!!!!


- You can use use a small triangle for the feathers, but I find it to be a bit fiddly.

- Instead of the big triangle on the top, keep on going up with the feathers.

- Put feet on the bottom

- Cut the eyes out in 1 full piece, like a mask.

- Make it into a baby's hanging mobile. Just attach a loop and fishing wire to the top & don't cut the bottom off , cover it. Use sticks from your garden as the frame work.

- Experiment with sizes. Have them sitting on a bookshelve, like Russian dolls

Please leave a comment with your link. I'd love to see what you have made.
Follow me for more tutorials to come


Thursday, 28 July 2011

Love Map

So I found this & thought it was an unreal idea.
Especially because Daddy Moz was going to throw out our old street directory from 2008!
So I came up with this

I would have liked to use a white frame & black cursive writing, 
but when you need to make it straight away because your excited, 
whatever is lying around will do. 
I did sand the frame back and mix a little green paint.

Check out my tutorial HERE


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I love to wake up to email like this!

Hi Danielle,

Thank you so much for the templates - Can't wait to make some of these cuties! :) I've already made a few yo-yo's using your super easy tutorial and am really digging that - Lots of fun...I've even got my husband hooked on making them, and he had never picked up a sewing needle before! He's so proud of himself too! I'll be posting some pics soon to show off our handiwork.

Thanks again - Have a great day,


Monday, 25 July 2011

Home Made Gift Cards

I thought I'd share my first real crafting I did.
I've always loved making things. Then one day when a work mate bought in a box of Handmade cards to sell for her friend, I was shocked as to how many she sold in that short period of time.
So, I thought, I can do that! 
I started with normal size cards, but today I'll share the small gift cards.

I'm always needing little gift cards for presents or Thank You notes and I'm not paying $2.95AU for them. So now I have a whole box!

Hopefully I'll post the others tomorrow.


Sunday, 24 July 2011

T-Towel Art

T-Towel Art

It's so cold & wet outside, that I'm dying inside.
I have soooo many crafty ideas that I want to finish, start & post.
The kids are driving me nuts bored. 
So I've been trying to have some crafty fun.
This morning we achieved this.

Daddy Moz calls me a "Craftzilla" & may I add, yes, I was on this one.
The hand prints had to me perfect!!!!

I did mention that the kids had some Craft Fun, well they still did, I let them do some finger painting afterwards.

I'm probably not going to use it,(Keep Safe Box) but I still positioned each child's painting up the opposite end, so that when it hangs over the oven it's up the right way on both.

We did make one for the Grandparents last Christmas. 
They love gifts like this.


Friday, 22 July 2011

Superhero Shoes

superhero shoes

I found this picture and had to make them for 'Zac the Superhero'.

 I did make him the CAPE a while back so, I thought he needed it! 

 These are one of the cutest things I've ever made. 

Not only that, it was cheap & quick to make.

Zac thinks he is very cool wearing them.

I am happy to share a tutorial if I get some interest.



Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Books to Inspire

It is so cold & wet outside.  I just want to sit on the computer all day & look at blogs. 
I can't!  
(Well maybe for a little bit)
Must entertain 2 toddlers, so while I flick through some books, they play.


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Pretty Paper Purses

Pretty Paper Purses


Pretty paper
Hole punch
Double Sided tape or Craft Glue
Ribbon (for handle)

Step 1:

Trace out template.
I could fit 2 on this size paper.

Step 2:

Cut out

Step 3:

Fold along the lines

Step 4:

Use Glue or Double side tape side & secure Tab a & c (little triangles)
Then do the same to Tab b & d (the long strips)

Should now look like this

Step 5:

Punch two holes for the handles - it's best to have it slightly on the back piece.

Step 6 :

Add the Velcro. The easiest way is to put both pieces together & stick onto the flap, then fold down. This will put it in a perfect spot.

Attach your handle & Gem.
 All done!

I have made some different types styles.

Flat ones are really great for invitations, people will be commenting on them for a long time.

Very special to use when giving money as a gift.

Lolly bags for girls parties.

Here are the TEMPLATES 


How to Make Yoyo's



Scrap Fabric
Needle & Tread
Hair clips or broach pins

Step 1: 

Draw around 2 circles and cut out.

Your Yoyo will half in size, so keep this in mind when choosing a circle size.

Step 2:


Step 3:

With a needle & tread sew 1/4" from the end, go around the untie circle.

It might start to pull & look like this.

Step 4: 

Pull thread tight & make a couple of stitches to secure your gathers, then knot and trim your thread. Squash your yo-yo flat, with the gathers centred on the top of the yo-yo. 

All done!

Turn them into anything. Clips, Broaches, Gift decorations, whatever!!!

Please leave a comment with your link, I'd love to see what you make.