Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hazelwood = No More Eczema!!

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My little man gets very bad Eczema.
Mainly in the summer time, due to dry skin.
It only first appeared late last year, just before Christmas time.
He only got it on his face, arm & bottom.
This is what it looked like...

I tried everything that was suggested to me from others, but the only thing that really got rid of it was the Sigmacort cream from the chemist. 
I really hated using this cream. 
It's really harsh on the skin.
And I felt like once it cleared away, I had to continue to use it or it would appear again.

Zac's skin was dry & looking so bad.
People would ask me if he was "sick" - they thought he had the chicken pox.

Then I saw some before and after photos of kids wearing Hazelwood bracelets.
The transformation in the photos looked good so I ordered a necklace.

After 2 weeks of him wearing it, it had disappeared.
I couldn't believe it.
I still moisture his body after a bath every night. 
And we use non soap products on him.
He has been wearing the necklace for 6 months now, so it's time for a new one.

I bought the necklace online from all about amber for $30.
You are recommended to change every 6 months & wear all the time, even in the shower.

 The next photo has not been edited all.

What a HUGH difference!!! 


Monday, 29 August 2011

Ribbon Basket Storage - DIY

Seriously how cool is THIS

I am in need of some organisation as 
this is what my ribbon container looks like...

Plus I cleaned it up a little - haha 

This is how I did it...

Messy ribbon box
Plastic container with holes (I got mine from Howards Storage Shop - Australia, but I'm sure that the USA bloggers will find it easily) 
Pile wood rode (need to measure the hole of the basket)

Step 1: Measure how long the rod needs to be.
 I had mine stick out about 2 cm. 

Step 2: Saw

Step 3: Do the same to the 2nd rod

Step 4: Stick the 1st rod through 1/4 of the way

Step 5: Start threading the ribbons on.

Step 6: When you get the the last one. Stick through the other end. Should look like the above picture.

Step 7: Pull the ribbons through the holes.
Step 8: Do the same to the 2nd Rod.

Because I could fit more ribbons on the rod then there were holes, I used the bottom row as well.

Looks cool huh??


Saturday, 27 August 2011

Superhero Shoes - DIY

A while back I blogged about the Superhero Shoes.
Due to popular demand 
I will show you how I made them.

Craft Glue
2 x Hard Felt - It's next to the felt area. ( Mine was sparkle)
Hole Punch
Paper, Scissors, Pen
& A Cute little Superhero to wear them

Step 1:
Trace the wings onto paper.
I used computer paper & put the original picture on the computer screen, turned the lights off in the room & lightly traced the image to get an idea of the shape ( Because I am not the greatest drawer)

Step 2: 
You need to play around with the design to see what suits.
Once it is good. Place the sketch up next to shoe, with it in position, mark where the shoe lace holes are. (Above picture) 

 Step 3: Cut out one from the black felt.

Step 4: Trace the black one onto paper & cut the red one smaller. Should look like above picture.

Step 5: With them together place paper cut out over wings and hole punch over the paper, through to the felt wings.

Step 6:
Glue together, let dry, make the second wing. 

Step 7: Lace through 





Friday, 26 August 2011

Night Time Nappy = Dry!

Zac is now 3 1/2 & he has been toilet trained for over a year.
Expect over night. 

He was good for a week, then would have a full nappy for a few days.

I know that over time it will stop, but I made a chart to keep him on track.

Almost every time we go to the shop, I buy him something (my fault). 
But with this new chart I told him he needed to complete all the stickers on it & then he could get a special toy.

Well it worked.

With only a handful of times of him not receiving a sticker.

 Every morning he would run in & tell me that it was dry.
He was so happy to put a sticker on everyday.

 This is what he got!

We also did a chart for eating all his dinner. It's working too & only a few more nights to complete it!


Bread Clip - Cord Labels!

I Love Pinterest!
There are SO many awesome ideas & inspiration there.
So I found THIS & loved it.

I'm in need of some help in the cord department near my computer, so I gave it a go.

 I started with this mess!
Very time I wanted to upload photos I think I tried every cord until I found the correct one.

This is what I did. 
I used different colours so I could find it quicker.

Great idea huh?!?!


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Where's Zac?

Earlier Today I was in the Backyard with the kids.
 At one stage I couldn't find Zac, after calling out to him for some time, here he was......


"I wasn't hiding from you Mummy. 
I'm throwing the ball to the dogs!"


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Make Your Own Party Pinata From A Nappy Box - DIY

For Zac's 3rd Birthday he wanted a "Toy Story Party".
 I made him a Pinata.
It was back in Feburay way before I even knew about the blogging world. 
I did goggle and found a Tut on how to make it. I've tried looking for it again to link back to the site, but I can't find it any more. (Sorry)

Jessie & Woody!

For this tutorial I made a Hen's Party Pinata for my friend over at All The Whimsical Things 

What you need:
Nappy Box
Pen & Circle (plate)
Masking Tape 
Card Broad
Crepe Paper

Step 1: Flatten Nappy Box Out (Please don't look at my dirty rug) 

Step 2: I used a dinner plate to trace out 2 circles.
Cut off the bottom of the box, this is perfect for the sides of the piñata.

Step 3: Measure around the Circle to see how much you need. Allow extra.

Step3: Sticky Tape together

Step 4: Should be looking something like this now. 
Roll the sides on a table to make them curve a little. 

Step 5: Stick the Side on 1 Circle. MAKE SURE THAT YOU FACE THE INSIDE OF THE BOX TO THE FRONT.(NO PRINT) It makes it easier to cover later on.

Step 6: Cut off excess & tape across the top.

Step 7: Cut a flap in the top for the lollies to go in.

Step 8: Tape on 2nd Circle.
I put extra tape on it, only because it was for adults.
It does take a long time to break for the kids.

Step 9: Cover the whole Piñata with Card board. 

Step 10: Cut up some stripes of Crepe Paper.

Step 11: Place glue on the side & Ruffle up small stripes of Crepe Paper.  

Step 12: Continue the whole way around, with 3 stripes. You may need to wait for it to dry to turn it around. The Crepe paper does run ink a little.

Step 13: Print up a picture & stick on front.  Add some more Ruffles on the front.

Finally you can add the lollies, add some string to the flap, tape it down & hit away!

All made for $3 plus some yummy lollies!