Monday, 24 October 2011

You & Me Art Work - Tutorial

I long time ago I made a Toilet Paper Roll Art Work
I thought it was pretty good, until Daddy Moz told me it looked like a giraffe 
I tried to fix it, no luck.
I found this on Pinterest

I love metal letters.
I have bought some in the past, but I really don't want to spend $20 plus on each letter, so I try it myself.

You need:
Cardboard letters
Black paint
Silver Paint
Paper Towel

Cardboard letter from Craft Shop (Spotlight)

Black & Silver paint

Paint  each letter black first

Wait to dry & squeeze silver over 
You can just slap the paint on.
Then let it half dry & use paper towel to rub some off.

Should have & nice metal look

I found this frame on the side of the road. 
(Hard Rubbish)
 I love that time of the year.

Daddy Moz cut to size & I painted with the same black paint.

Then placed on wall!

This was super cheap 

I love it!


Saturday, 22 October 2011

Treasure Hunt from an Egg Carton

The weather has been really nice lately. 
Zac is always looking for treasure.
I was this very cool idea here

This is what you need

I goggled 12 things I thought we could find at the park & printed the images.

I used cardboard at the back to cover the writing on the carton.

Off we went...

All done!

Very Proud of himself.

This was really the biggest treasure!


Thursday, 20 October 2011

Love Map - A Tutorial

I have been receiving many requests on how I made the Love Map.
So here is a quick run down.

This is the frame that I started with. 
(smaller version of this tut)

I had a old frame & sanded it back

I really wanted to paint it white, but didn't have any at home & I really HAD to make this right away.
So I actually used Zac's paint

I used some paper towel and rubbed it back to give it a little texture.

I was going to use the insert that comes with the frame, but the shape was wrong, so i decided to the use the white backing paper that comes with the frame. (image below) Just make sure the picture doesn't show through.

I found my 3 pages & ripped them out, then on another map or plain paper. I freehand stretched one half of a love heart. 

 Cut it out

 Folded, traced & cut around the heart

 With the maps I intended on using I placed the heart over the exact spot where "we met". I tried to place it in the centre of the heart.
I traced & cut in the inside of the pen line.

Pasted all three hearts on the white paper evenly. 
Used Scrap booking letters for the wording.
Put glass over the top.
Hang & Enjoy!!

Better go cross another one off my list

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Cheat Sheet for Manual Shooting

I recently did a one day photography course on 
learning how to shoot in manual mode. 
I was so shocked that after 2 hours, everyone in the room switched off auto & began the journey into manual mode.

After I left the course, I needed a cheat sheet, 
 photographing 2 toddlers is hard enough on auto.

I found two already set up here 

I didn't really want to hold it so I did this.

Printed & laminated it.

 Hole pushed the corner

 Attached to my camera strap

I had it there for about 2 months.


Thursday, 6 October 2011

Wodden Play Kitchen Make Over

Ok , I admit it. 
I .. Am...A ...Curbside...Rubbish....Stealer!!!
Some may laugh.
But, I'm the one saving $150 plus 

How could I not pick this kitchen up!!

It started looking like this
WARNING: I did get photo happy in this post

I started by sanding it all back

Putting putty in the holes & gaps

Found the circle wooden disks from 'Spotlight' - $1 think
Put an undercoat on

I choose a yellow (summer) colour & 
The blue to match the vintage handles I had
Spent all day painting it.
It was WAY to bright once I walked away & came back.
Next day, I sprayed it ( Why didn't I do that in the first place)

Drilled the holes

Added the magnetic latches

Got handles ready

These were to go with the bright yellow colour - so swaped them to black ones

Daddy Moz cut & attached the back board - 
Gotta love him doing it at 9pm at night

Put everything on and....

 How do I get in there!!

I'm so happy with it.
Ella loves it.
Job done.
Better go cross one off my list