Thursday, 16 August 2012

Mirror to Black Board

What a great Hard Rubbish pick up this was!
I have been looking at Garage Sales, markets & sidewalks for a frame like this forever.

It was really fragile & Daddy Moz broke the frame when 
squeezing the mirror out.
Super glued it up & it was good to go.

It needs a new backing $2.80 for Bunnings.

Ready for spray painting.

I choose a  spray paint.
First Coat. Sprayed really lightly, so that there are no runs on paint.

Measured the black board to fit perfectly.

Daddy Moz to cut!


There is a technique to painting Smooth Blackboard paint.
With each coat of paint that you apply, paint in one direction only.
So if you start going horizontal from left to right,
your next coat needs to be in a different direction, maybe vertically.

All Finished!!


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