Sunday, 23 September 2012

Guest Post - A Bunch of Bishops

What a beautiful introduction from Janiene at A Bunch of Bishops,
no need to say anymore.....

Hello lovely Mini Moz followers! 
My name is Janiene and I blog over at A Bunch of Bishops.

I'm a Wife and a Mom of 3 :) I love the Lord and seek to glorify Him in all that I do. I drink iced coffee every day (confession, sometimes I drink it all day long). I like to mosaic, crochet and make things with paper (I love paper). I post on topics such as crafts, my kids, recipes, and my thoughts on life :) 

My favorite 3 posts would have to be... 

OK, enough about my blog!!! :)

Today, I'm here to share one of my all-time FAVORITE crafts... 

I have made hundreds of cards over the past decade and each one is unique and tailored to the event & person I am giving it to. That, it my opinion, is much more special than going to Hallmark :) 

Hand sewn greeting cards are super simple to make!
You need:
Card Stock Paper
Paper Cutter or Scissors
Fabric Scissors
Needle & Thread
Felt-tip Markers

For a wedding, I sew on a heart made with 2 different patterned fabrics, like this...

My simple "thank you" cards...

For encouragement cards I simply cut out a fabric heart and sew it on the paper (simple and beautiful)...

Today I had fun sewing a cross stitched heart onto a card (which I framed with a swirly heart that was hand drawn with a felt-tip black marker)... 

Want to know how I made the cross stitched card?
Here is how I made it...

I used a pencil to draw my pattern on the card.
Then I used my needle to poke all the holes that I had drawn...

I started stitching the card...

 When I finished all the stitching, I tied it off (this is the back view)...

Simple, Fun, Unique!
I hope you have fun creating your own Hand Sewn Greeting Cards!!

Thank you Mini Moz for welcoming me today to share my cards on your awesome blog!!


  1. These cards are awesome! The wedding one is so sweet! Definity much more of a heartfelt sentiment than Hallmark.

  2. I love Janiene, and these cards look great!