Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Lil Journal Project - Day 1

 I want to bring out my inner creativity. 
Things I know I might not have seen before.
One day I will begin a journal for my two babies 
about all things being "girlie" & "manly"
I have bundles of scrap paper hiding in my side table with 
quotes, saying, guidance & memories for my kids.
I will do it for them, just like I need to complete their photo books!

Today I will begin with Day 1

Was harder then I thought.
I was getting annoyed that my writing wasn't neat.



  1. At least it's you and it's real, your kids will love it regardless and treasure your writing. Perfection is overrated they will love it because it's been done by you. Besides their Mum has done so many creative things for them, don't believe me, read your own log :)