Thursday, 16 August 2012

Mirror to Black Board

What a great Hard Rubbish pick up this was!
I have been looking at Garage Sales, markets & sidewalks for a frame like this forever.

It was really fragile & Daddy Moz broke the frame when 
squeezing the mirror out.
Super glued it up & it was good to go.

It needs a new backing $2.80 for Bunnings.

Ready for spray painting.

I choose a  spray paint.
First Coat. Sprayed really lightly, so that there are no runs on paint.

Measured the black board to fit perfectly.

Daddy Moz to cut!


There is a technique to painting Smooth Blackboard paint.
With each coat of paint that you apply, paint in one direction only.
So if you start going horizontal from left to right,
your next coat needs to be in a different direction, maybe vertically.

All Finished!!


Monday, 13 August 2012

DIY Book Shelves

Zac's room is getting a big makeover.
I'm happy to focus on boys things for a while.

We are changing all of his furniture so he has more room to play.
Starting with a new wall mounting book shelf.

 There is a full tutorial HERE

I showed Daddy Moz & he put it all together.
They were simple to make.
(Well it looked like it anyway!)

We went to the bargain bin at Bunnings & got all the wood for $10

I put an undercoat on.

Daddy Moz cut & trimmed.

Nail gunned into place.

All done!

Marking the wall out.

I added some small canvas letters that I purchased from Typo.

It's so much cleaner & organised.
Zac loves it too!


Sunday, 12 August 2012

KitKat Cake

It was Daddy Moz's Birthday Yesterday!
He loves m&m's & KitKat's.
I'm sure you have seen this everywhere, 
so I had to give it a go.

  By far the easiest cake to make.
But it's the best looking!

 (Please excuse the little Princess' random clothes, she doesn't get that 2 sets of stripes,don't make a right!)

With out his help, I wouldn't be
able to achieve half the things on this blog.


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Ombre Drawers Make Over

I have wanted to do a set of Ombre Drawers for a long time now.
I really love how mine turned out!

Yet again, we picked these drawers up from Hard Waste.
They are Retro Style, but in perfect condition.
I had just sold Ella's old drawers so these came at a great time.

I gave the entire chest a light sand,
just to take the shine off.

These are Dulux Paint samples I choose. 
They were $7 each.

They were given 2 coats each.
And the body had a white spray paint.

Inside of the Drawers,
I put scented paper in.

 In total the drawers cost $44
5 x $7 sample pots - used half a pot
1 x $9 white spray paint

(My Black apple doll on dresser is HERE)


Friday, 3 August 2012

Industrial Filing Cabinet

This is probably one of the BEST Hard Waste items
 Daddy Moz & I have ever found.
What a BEAUTY!!!!

These fetch for thousands on ebay.

I was over the moon & knew exactly where it was going.

 Daddy Moz bent back into shape.

 It needed some TLC & a lot a nails.

 I gave it a scrub because it was really dirty, but I took too much off.
See below

At the time it seemed right to take all of the dirt, paint & greece off,
but comparing it to the other ones it didn't look right.

I wanted to get them back to how I found them.

So I wet some tea bags & wiped them over the drawers.
They darken a little, but them I got some black paint,
painted on & wiped off.
It worked.

This canvas was $7.50 form Typo. Impulse buy
I think I will replace it with something more family friendly.

 I also picked up this industrial lamp.