Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentine Scratchy Card - DIY

 This is what Daddy Moz got today for V Day!

Cuttest idea & cost nothing!

I got the idea from HERE. Check out there cool blog!

All you need is 

A Sharpe
Dish Soap

  Small paint brush

  Card printed on cardstock
  White crayon

1. Print card design on cardstock     
2. Write your message inside each heart
3. Use White Crayon & cover heart
4. Mix two parts acrylic paint with one part liquid dishwashing soap.
5.Paint mixture over the area that you covered with the crayon.

Allow to dry for a least 1 hour until your Valentine can Scratch of.

Put a coin in the envelope as well.

Daddy Moz scored a car wash!
Yeah, I'll get the kids to help!!

Plus he got a somewhat love note.

Remember when I did the frame Makeover 


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