Monday, 5 August 2013

Tales from a Prep by Zac

It's half way through Prep & I've been writing down all the funnies that my little man has been telling me with.



 Hmmmm. Interesting.

 Glad he was alone!

 Oh no!!

 Broke my heart!

 Hahaha! I shouldn't laugh.

 Better practice that at home!

 So funny!


 Ah, let me think, NO!

 Why is everything about girls?!

 Looks like there are no swimming play dates at our house this summer!

 Thanks lady! Yes, I can read.
 And please leave the silly questions for the 5 year olds!!

I didn't mention that he was selected Class Captain this term.
Certainly not taking after my foot steps. (Class Clown)


Check out  Lil Blue Boo, she gave me the cool idea.

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