Monday, 18 November 2013

"85 Years of Memories"

My Nan is the only Grandparent I have in my life.
She is strongest lady I know.
She has been a widow for 31 years.
She has 10 children,
38 Grandchildren &
15 Great Grand Children.
She is the Matriarch of our large family &,
has the biggest heart.
She has never missed a single family members birthday.
She has opened her family house up everyone.
She knits clothes for African babies & 
she never misses Church on a Sunday.

I could not think of another person who deserves this more. 

So I began this journey by reaching out to every person 
I knew had memories of Nan.
From her childhood to now.
The response was overwhelming.

Firstly, let me mention why the letters are so significant.
 As a young lady, working in factory.
Nan was asked to choose a soldiers name from the notice board 
& begin writing letters to them whilst they were serving for our country.
Nan choose Desmond & they begin a pen pal friendship.
She then married him!

I used the street directory & cut out some of the addresses Nan lived at.
Just like my Love Map.

There were lots of tears & laughter.
But one of the loveliest moments were, once Nan read a letter she would tell her  story/memory behind a particular memory.

We celebrated her special day with a great family party and two of her daughters flew in from interstate.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write a memory for Nan.
She has already began reading all of them again.



Thanks to Holly Burns for the idea.

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